History of Lennoxville United Church

Shortly before 1820, several Methodist families came from Ireland to the Sherbrooke-Lennoxville area. Without a church, they began to hold class-meetings in their homes. Later, they met for worship in a school house at the foot of Haskell Hill Road. From about 1847 until 1874, they held services in a small wooden church, which they had built on Belvidere Street (now College Street) where the Post Office now stands. In 1874, a fire left half the town including the church, in ruins. Immediately after the fire, plans were made to construct the present building, which was dedicated in January 1876. Concurrently, a parsonage was built on the same lot. In 1925, the Methodist Church became part of the United Church of Canada as a result of a union of the Methodist, Congregationalist, and some Presbyterian Churches. The church hall, a gift from Mrs. Gertrude Scott, was added in 1939. The present manse was completed the following year after the old parsonage and shed were removed. We can be proud that we have such a rich heritage of religious and community life.

In the fall of 2011 we received a donation of a bell from the United Church in East Angus and with the assistance of dedicated volunteers led by Russell Gillam, installation was completed in November of that year.


Our Ministers:

Rev. John Scanlan 1875
Rev. George Porter 1876
Rev. William Timberlake 1881
Rev. W. H. Graham 1884
Rev. W. K. Shortt 1887
Rev. Richard Robinson 1888
Rev. William Adams 1891
Rev. Joseph Pinel 1894
Rev. F. A. Read 1896
Rev. Robert Smith 1900
Rev. H. E. Warren 1903
Rev. A. E. Sanderson 1907
Rev. Isaac Norman 1910
Rev. Johnson Seller 1917
Rev. Paul Pergau 1921
Rev. F. R. Matthews 1923
Rev. N. D. McLeod 1941
Rev. L. M. Outerbridge 1952
Rev. Dr. A. B. Lovelace 1959
Rev. Douglas C. Warren 1974-1992
Rev. James G. Potter 1993-2015
Rev. Linda Buchanan 2016-2021