If you would like to be married in Lennoxville United Church, please contact the office, at: 819-565-8449.

You will be expected to meet with the minister to discuss your reasons for wanting to be married at Lennoxville United Church, as well as other particulars related to your wedding service.


Policy on Baptism:

We welcome all who seek baptism. Parents wishing to make promises on their child’s behalf must meet with the ordained minister once prior to the Baptism Ritual. People seeking to make baptismal promises themselves will meet with the ordained minister, who will join the candidate on their journey of faith for at least one year prior to their Baptismal Ritual.

We baptize within the gathered community of faith. All baptisms at Lennoxville United Church take place when the community of faith is gathered. In accordance with the theology of the United Church of Canada, the Baptismal Ritual must take place within the body of Christ, and therefore we do not hold private services for baptism.

We do not charge for baptisms. People are welcome to make an offering at the appropriate time during the worship service.
Please download our guidelines for baptisms


During a meeting with the minister, using a worksheet as a guide, adult candidates discuss the wording of the promises they wish to make with their sponsor and choose what best suits them. The same worksheet allows parents to choose the wording of the promises they wish to make on behalf of their children. While parts of the Baptismal Ritual liturgy are standard, it is also specifically adapted to the person being baptized, thereby demonstrating that while the one being baptized is “one of many,” they are “special and unique.”