Linda's New Year Message

To the Community of Faith of Lennoxville United Church,

Greetings wonder-filled children of God. The light of Christ shines within us as we place our hope in true peace so that all will have abundant joy as we choose to act in love. I am so grateful for all the extra effort from so many of you to enable the spiritual practice of community worship over the past few months. We now have the equipment to broadcast from the sanctuary, enabling us to join in prayer beyond time and space for many years to come. Once again we hosted an eclectic collection of worship services and events during the Advent and Christmas season, finishing the season with an outdoor Christmas Eve service, where over 30 people gathered around the Christmas Tree to hear the story of the birth of love once again. Thank you to all the people who participated in our celebration of the season.

We have begun the season of Epiphany, a time of illumination, a time of curiosity, a time of ideas and new understandings. We have also already begun a new form of lockdown as this global crisis continues to wave. This has come with new struggles and a range of emotions and reactions. I know this is hard, I know you are tired, I know that this is scary. God continues to be with us in this struggle, loving us and calling us to love others. In an abundance of caution, we have decided to close the sanctuary for the month of January. As hospital capacity decreases, and more workers on the frontline contract the virus, we want to do our part in reducing human movement and physical interaction.

Closing the sanctuary doesn't mean that we, the church, is closed, it simply means that we will return to worshiping in the wilderness. For the month of January, I will be leading worship from my living room, broadcasting on YouTube, with special appearances from Willow, the mini-dog. I invite you to join me live, or to participate beyond time once the video is uploaded (the link to the video will be shared on Facebook, the website, and in the Online Church messenger chat). We will continue to send out the weekly bulletin by email, which you can use to follow along with the video or to pray through on your own. Through our prayers we connect to God and each other, creating a spiritual community in mystical hope. May we experience epiphany as we wonder with God in the wilderness.

I have created a special new year personal reflection to help engage your spiritual practice. It is good to take time to pause and reflect during this time of hibernation; may we emerge transformed by hope and love. I encourage you to continue to do what it good; continue to reach out with your words when you can't reach out with your hands; continue to love your neighbours however you are able; continue to share joy even in the struggle; continue to shine as the stardust you are made of so that others will know that truth that we are not alone.

We are United in Prayer,
Rev. Linda D Buchanan

Regular Services in the Sanctuary are cancelled for January

Linda will be broadcasting on Youtube from her living room.

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